How To Create An Online Fitness Program (For Non Techies!)

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How To Create An Online Fitness Program

How To Create AN Online fitness program (for non-techies!)

If you're a fitness or nutrition coach who wants to grow their business without working more hours with 1:1 clients, you're in the right place.

In this post, you're going to discover the exact steps to creating your own online program inside of your fitness or nutrition business so you can create freedom and profit.   

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to take your online fitness, health or nutrition coaching skills online and scale, so that you can work with more clients and make more profit, without adding more hours to your schedule;
  2. How to structure your program for a great experience and the best client results.
  3. Why you need a simple step by step marketing system and;
  4. The secret to effortlessly filling your program with paying clients.

There's also a free guide, The Signature Online Program Roadmap, that you can grab at the bottom of this post that’s designed to help you get more clarity on what you could include in your online coaching program and how to price it.


If you already know what you do and who you do if for, then yay!

But if you're still deciding on what kind of online fitness program you want to create and who you want to help them this is where you start.  

The key to creating an online fitness program that sells is to make sure that it's a no-brainer for your target market, which means, knowing who your market is in the first place, AND, what they want. 

Don't try and be all things to all people, because you’ll end up being too generic to attract anyone. 

Get your research hat on and make sure that you’ve spent some time asking questions and finding out the true pain points and desires of your target market.


Don’t skip this and go straight to creating your online fitness program – even if you think you already know what your people want.  Why?

Because the core premise of your online fitness program is going to be solving your ideal client's number one biggest health and fitness problem.

So everything that you create in your marketing, brand, the website copy, what goes out on social media etc, is going to reflect this one core premise.

Get it just slightly wrong and no-one will get excited by your program. Get it right and clients will be easy to enrol. 


Step number two is all about creating your online program, which I call your Signature Program.

TOP TIP:  You don't need to have created your program before you start selling it.  So many people get stuck in program creation, without proving their idea first. 

They want to have a finished product, they want to have the shiny website, they want all their modules written.

They want to have filmed their exercise videos, they want to have written all of their nutritional programs before they've even test out their idea to see if anyone wants to buy it! 

The PROBLEM is that it's time-consuming and overwhelming, plus, when you start out you might not be 100% sure that you've got your program content right for your clients.

Instead, try to create an outline that lays out the foundation of your program, then use a system like the one I teach inside The Simply Online Launchpad to pre-sell your program before you've made it.  

Once you’ve got a few people signed up, you know: 

  1. Your idea is a good one and people want it; and
  2. What you’ll need to create to help them get results

You then create content as you go, staying a few steps ahead of your students. 

Running your program as a beta, the first time around gives you an opportunity to get paid to make your program, to create alongside your clients so they can give you feedback and to do a ‘test run’ before you invest more time, money and energy. 

What exactly does go into your Signature Program?

It could be a lot less than you think! 

Your Signature Service should address ONE client with ONE problem.  

Imagine the person who’s just signed up for your program.

What's that problem that they need to solve? Where are they now? Where do they want to go?

And what are the steps they need to take to get there? How long will it take them?

Use these answers to start your online program outline. 

Resist the temptation to start overfilling your program with tons of juicy tips and content because when you start to overfill your program with everything that you know (and you know a LOT) your clients get overwhelmed, they give up. 

Any fitness or health coach will have heard the “I’m too busy” objection, so  let’s help our clients out and give them the minimum steps they need to get results.  Because done is better than perfect! 

Creating an Online Fitness Program

TOP TIP: I Made The ‘Overfilling’ Mistake With My Own Online Fitness And Health Coaching Program! But Clients Get Better Results And Programs Are Easier To Sell Then They're Kept Super Simple.


Step three is all about ramping up your marketing and here is where I see a lot of people get stuck and wondering what to do.  

Often they don't want to market their program until it's been created, but instead, it's really smart to begin promoting before you're ready to launch, so that when you do launch, you’ve got a pool of people ready to sign up. 

One of the first things to focus on is growing an email list, which you do by creating lead magnets 

A lead magnet is a free experience that you can swap for someone’s email to get them onto your list, for example a checklist, download, guide or challenge. 

The right lead magnet will explode your email list and give you a pool of potential clients for your online coaching program. 

Other ways to kick start your marketing include:

  • Telling people what you're up to (in real life!)
  • Sending your email list some related valuable free content
  • Doing live broadcasts around your course topic on social media

I teach Simply Online Launchpad students a system for getting new subscribers onto their email list and turning them into clients.

A course which is both automated and repeatable because I strongly believe this is a vital part of creating an online business. 

Bottom line: starting your list building and audience growth systems before you’re ready to open your program is a great idea!


Step four is all about getting clients into your online program. 

By now, you’ve created an outline and you’ve got an audience starting to take shape. It’s time to make an offer! 

If you’re running a beta program, this can be as simple as letting them know that you’re running a test program and do they want in. 

We’ve found that a specific launch period works best for this, where we bring everyone on to start the program together. 

While you can try to sell your program via your website, this isn’t likely to bring in the number of clients you’re hoping for.  

Depending on your price point, you’ll either want to have a conversation with someone to sign them up (normally for a program that’s a higher price point) or create an automated sign up system (usually easier with a lower price point.)

But once you’ve run a beta, you’ll want to automate this client enrolment system so that you’ve always got people joining your programs. 

I help my students to create BOTH but suggest that you focus on having conversations with clients as you start out, not just because you’ll get more clients, but because you can learn more about them and how to help them when you have that connection. 


Step five is all about your program creation and delivery.

Let’s talk group coaching programs first…

The difference between a one on one program that’s delivered online and a group online program is that with 1:1 online coaching, very often you're creating different content for every single client whereas, with an online fitness program that is scalable, the majority of that content is going to be delivered in exactly the same way to everyone who's on your program.

Once you’ve got clients into your program you’ll need to create: 

  • Onboarding content and welcome content
  • The program content itself (videos, pdf’s, audio etc)

Onboarding content is what you’ll send someone when they join. 

Sending out a few emails once a new client signs up so that they know exactly what to expect every step of the way is going to really help you keep your clients for the long term (and also help you get referrals!) so don’t go quiet on them once the payments dropped into your bank account!  

(You can automate all of this so you're not emailing everybody all of the time and that's the key to scaling your business.)

Your program content is what you’ll be giving them for the duration of your program. 

Now’s the time to get it set up and in a delivery system.  But you don’t have to be techie!

What used to be difficult and expensive is now easy and affordable.  You don’t need to build an app, or website from scratch. 

You can easily host your program in Kajabi, for example, which does all of the tech for you, and makes delivering an online coaching program easy.  

(Kajabi is also an all in one business system that will host your website, payments and email list too.)

Delivering your program is the really fun part and then the great thing with an online program is that once you’ve made it and tweaked it,  you can sit back, relax, rinse, and repeat.

Online programs actually allow you to work LESS and make MORE because they're easily repeatable and scalable.

That's it!

Create an Online Fitness Program


The bonus step, once you’re happy with your online program,  is to automate your sales and to do this I use a simple sales funnel. 

This funnel consists of creating some free content (your lead magnet), driving traffic to that free content by and encouraging people who see it to go to a landing page.

What’s a landing page I hear you ask? 

It’s just a single page with a form, where someone enters their email address to access your free content.

Then once you've got the e-mail address, you can send those people a series of automated emails that encourage them to apply or join your online program.

Inside of The Simply Online Launchpad, we give our students the templates and systems to put this in place so they can scale up and automate. 

Phew – that was a lot! But it’s really not as complicated as most people make out.  All you need is a system and to follow the steps to get your online coaching program up and running. 

Make sure to Grab the free PDF that goes with this blog post so that you can start to put together your own signature online fitness coaching program as you prepare for your launch.

Over the coming weeks, I'm going to be releasing a very specific training for each one of these steps because we've just brushed over this in this blog post but I want to dig a little bit deeper so that you've got exactly what you need to get started with your own online program!

yes, please!

Snag the the exact steps I used to create 5K months with an online signature fitness & nutrition coaching program. 

- Find out what a signature program is and how to create one so you can attract more clients

- Discover what to include and what to leave out so that your clients get referral-worthy results

- Get the lowdown on how to make your OWN signature program that sells. 

The Signature Online Program Roadmap

Free Guide

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