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Best Online Program Format (Online Trainer, Online Fitness or Nutrition Coach Or Online Program?)

Do you have an Online Program format in mind?

If you know that you want to create an online business so that you can have more time and reach more clients then you've probably spent hours, days, or perhaps weeks trying to decide on what kind of online offer to create.

You might even be feeling a little confused when it comes to choosing the best kind of online format for you and its keeping you stuck.

Different Type of Online Program

The Online Personal Trainer Or Online Coach Conundrum

I was inspired to write this post after reading the struggles of one online personal trainer who was feeling burnt-out and resentful of her clients.

While she had successfully transferred her business offline to online.

She was charging a low monthly rate, offering high levels of personal contact,  personal training plans, accountability, and support, went way beyond anything she would offer offline and were sucking her time.

When she added up the time spent on each client and worked out how much she was making per hour,  she was dismayed that it was so little.

No wonder she was starting to lose motivation and passion for her business!

As someone who has created a successful online personal training business, online coaching programs, and online programs that are completely self-led for myself and my clients.

I've become a huge believer in focusing your time on products and services that are scalable without stress.

And guess what.  I don’t believe that online personal training or private coaching is one of those services.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn’t offer online personal training or coaching in the traditional sense.

What one coach or fitness pro enjoys over another is completely subjective. You can build your business your way.

Perhaps you love online personal training,  all the WhatsApp messages, and personal programming.  That’s OK.

Maybe you love working with clients 1:1 and you’re just starting out so building experience and taking private clients works well for you.

But much as you love it, would you also like your time back?   Perhaps you’re tired of repeating the same things over and over to each client.  

Your phone beeping with questions on weekend evenings and late at night. And your bank account never reflecting the effort you’re giving to each person.

Online Fitness Business

Online Fitness & Nutrition Programs That Scale

There is another way to create an online business that allows you to fully support your clients,  to get them incredible results, and to scale your business while claiming your time back.

In this post I'm laying out the three types of online programs that you can create in your fitness health or nutrition biz that will scale without stress.

Signature Programs

What is a signature program?

A signature program is a program that creates a specific transformation,  for a specific type of client, struggling with a specific problem.

It's also the program for which you or your brand will be best known.

For example, I’ve just joined a program by Naturopath Jessica Donovan, called Super Natural Kids that helps moms navigate healthy choices with their kids.  

If you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over to similar kinds of clients with similar goals,  then it could be time for you to create your own signature program.

In my personal training business I worked almost exclusively with new moms,  so my first signature program was a 12-week return to strength training program for this population.

In all three of the online program examples I'm about to share, a signature program is the foundation for each one.

Let’s get stuck in and Find out the Best Online Program Format for you.

Program Type #1  The Taster Program

Best Online Program Format

This type of online program format is normally a short and affordable taster of one of your larger or longer programs or services.

A Taster Program is usually  the first step that a client would take along their journey to success,  and will offer one quick win, but not the whole transformation.

When you’re starting out in online business, this kind of program is one of the easiest and fastest to create.

It's also a great way to easily get new people into your tribe,  because a Taster program is normally a lower commitment and investment.  

You’d then use this program to sell them into a longer or more in-depth program once they’ve gotten to know you better.

Your Taster Program can be delivered in anyway you wish,  from a simple downloadable PDF, to an online course, or Facebook Group “Live” program.

For example:

14 Day Clean Eating Revolution

30 Day Abs

21 Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Program Type #2  The Transformation Program

Best Online Program Format

A transformational program is one of the best online program formats that does exactly what it says it does!

This type of program is normally the “big transformation”  that you can offer a client.

But that doesn't mean that this has to be a private coaching or one-on-one program.

You can offer a transformational program as a group coaching program,  or, as a private client program, for a higher price point.

This option would have been a perfect solution for the troubled personal trainer  I spoke about before.

Because she has the option to offer the transformation a client is looking for,  without having to spend hours personalizing, or giving individual feedback, OR she could charge her worth for the 1:1 option.

In my experience  as an online Fitness and Nutrition coach,  the majority of clients do really well in a group environment.

We already know that community and accountability a vital components when it comes to increasing adherence,  which is why this format can be so powerful, and provide a win-win, for you and your clients.

Program Type #3  The Self-Led Program

Online Fitness Program

Not everybody is ready to commit to a transformation program or can afford the rates that you should (and can) charge for that kind of service and support.

This is where the self-led program comes in.

The self-led program is your transformation program,  but without any of the added whistles, bells, access to you,  your community, or support.

It's the most hands-off  version of working with you  and therefore it’s normally a more affordable program than your transformation program.

I usually encourage my clients to create a self-led program AFTER they've had success with a group online coaching program.

Once you've tried and tested a transformation program and you feel fully confident in the results, offering a self-led version is great for those who can't afford or don't want to sign up for a group program.

What kind of program are you looking to create? Did you get a chance to choose which is the Best Online Program Format for you?

If you need some help putting together your online programs, grab my FREE Signature Program Roadmap which lays out what goes into your programs and how to make a profitable online program that clients love.

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