hey, I’m elle..

I help health, wellness and movement solopreneurs to launch and scale their biz….

Before we talk about how to do that, first imagine this:

You’re snapping Insta pics of your latest foodie creation that’s helping clients globally heal from the inside out, globally….

Or.…you’re geeking out over that new workout program that you KNOW will get your clients amazing results, whether it’s barre, Pilates, personal training or yoga…you’re in your happy place creating and teaching it to a group of committed high-paying clients.

You’re effortlessly switching between coaching clients you LOVE and spending down-time with the people you love knowing that your business is working for you while you switch off and breathe….

You’re truly living the life experiences you desire…(wanderlust’s taking you to far flung shores with a laptop….or you’re catching up with friends at dinner on a chillaxed weekday evening, or you’re spending quality time with the kids, able to work around school holidays and pick-ups. ).

You’re no longer ‘busy’ wearing all the hats, running yourself into the ground to get your business OFF the ground and your clients are getting incredible transformations.  #Awesomeness

The cherry on top? You’re making a real living doing it.

No more messing around….no more partner rolling their eyes and dropping hints about ‘real’ jobs, no more desperately posting on all the Facebook groups going to get a new client or squeezing another crazy commute for that one more hour of client time. No more inconsistent months or dipping into your savings to feed your baby biz.   You’ve made it.

We all know that you’re not made for a stuffy corporate office and that yoga pants ARE your suits….but first…let’s stop and think about where you are today.

Let me know you if can relate to any of this:

You have passion and purpose, but profit and a plan is missing. You can dream big, yet you’re having a hard time getting anywhere when it comes to launching and building that dream business.

You’ve done the course, got the papers, know your stuff, maybe you’ve even got a handle of clients who helped you get your first pay check…

As a new wellness pro, you’ve tried setting up alone and switched up that ‘employed by’ section on your Facebook profile. But after spending hours on social media and boosting a couple of posts, you’re still stuck getting likes from your mom and coaching your cousin’s best friend…for free (!)

As a wellness pro’s who’s pushed past the ‘only-my-mom-likes-my-posts’ phase.. maybe you’re busy busy busy but you can’t seem to make enough money on a regular basis. Let’s face it, it’s starting to feel like HUSTLE and hustle isn’t a fun place to be.

In truth, (don’t tell your partner / ex-boss / dog…) you’re stuck and the biggest problem is that every time you crack open the laptop to push your business forward, you get distracted by all the moving parts.

Should you build a website?  Which website? What about social media? How to get more followers on Instagram? Should you write an e-book? What’s an email list anyway and why do I need one?  What do I say to my email list? How can I turn likes into clients?

How on earth can I do all of this AND do my actual job (enter your bag; yogalates guru/nutrition coach extraordinaire/rockstar reiki pracitioner..) , there are only so many hours in the day!!!

That’s just the tech, marketing and systems….

We need to talk about the FEAR.

You know what I mean…that voice that tries to tell you why you’re not ready to launch yet, why you need a better website before getting more clients, that you need more experience, or professional pictures, or another qualification. The voice that lists a million reasons why your tribe won’t pay you more… I’ve been there and  I don’t want you to stay stuck a minute longer…

Here’s the thing:

If you truly want to help people you’ve got to put on your own lifejacket first, so to speak.

Creating that impact means being brave enough to put yourself out there, investing in yourself and creating a business that pays you enough so you can do all those projects that are for the greater good… Although it might feel a little icky when you’re in the business of helping people, making money is not selfish or greedy and there’s plenty of it to go around.

You deserve to make a living doing what you love and you need to be fulfilled emotionally and financially so you don’t burn out.

The truth is that your clients need you grow your business. The world has got plenty of people struggling who need your professional skills. People are moving less, eating more unhealthily and they need the solutions and coaching you offer. 

Bottom line: Starving artist is not a mindset that’s supporting you OR your clients and I’m going to help you kick it. 

It’s time to stop listening to your own excuses and procrastination tactics  and and get a kick-butt plan that will work…all you need to do is put it to action.

And that’s where I come in.


I’m Elle – rebel biz coach for movement, health and wellness coaches and solopreneurs who are ready to:

  • Build their brand and launch their wellness business full out (finally!) ;
  • Scale up so they stop trading time for dollars and get their life back;
  • Develop the perfect business model that fits them like their most comfortable pair of gym shoes
  • Master simple online marketing strategies so they can get reach more people
  • Step into a premium business model that helps them give back to the community and people who need you most.  

Your superpower is making impactful changes in your client’s lives. You can feel what they need, you know how to help them and you’re a first class coach or wellness professional. You’re creative, empathetic, energetic and on a mission to help people. BUT…you’re a lovely left-brained kind of person..which means that you’re in your element with your vision and your bigger picture…the map to get there and those pesky moving parts? Not so much. That’s where I help my clients.

I’m a righty and a lefty (so you’ll find a bit of woo woo in there somewhere) but mostly, I’m here to get you on the path to profits through proven strategies and simple to follow checklists and action plans that even the most creative and visionary coach can follow. Think of me as your outsourced marketing and strategy department – the coach with the system specifically designed for the welllness biz, to take your superpower and propel you in front of your tribe.

While I only fully disclose my secrets to success with clients, I can tell you this:

My business changed the moment I discovered how to create and launch a powerful client-serving, high value business model – with no email list, no website and no, I have literally zero followers on Snapchat and only a handful on Instagram.  

My clients and I are living proof it works. And I’m certain my methods will work for you too. If you’re ready to kickstart your new health, fitness or wellness business and you’d like my step by step plan of action, or my know-how on your business, it’s time to get in touch.  

If you want to work together, then apply now for a Complimentary 45 Minute Start Up Strategy Call (value $250) and together we’ll uncover what’s keeping you stuck and map out the exact steps to get you to the next level. Whether you want to launch an online program, or get your first 5 high-value clients, in this call we’ll deep dive into how to get there. Spaces are very limited, so apply now. I can’t wait to connect with you.

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